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We use the latest in technology to provide you with a great internet package that will handle your needs. If one of the plans below doesn’t fit your needs, please feel free to call or text us to see what else we might have available. All plans come with unlimited usage at this time.

We tailor each business package design to fit the needs of the user. Many times, we build redundant connections for offices that must have 100% uptime. Each office is unique, so contact us to find out what we can do for you.


Good for homes with 1-2 users
that occasionally stream video




Good for homes with multiple
users, and that stream HD video
on 2-3 devices at a time


100 Mbps


Good for homes with 10+ users
that all stream HD content. and
do heavy downloads




The ultimate package for anyone
wanting to have unlimited
broadband to do unlimited things


1000 Mbps


Good for small offices with few employees
that occasionally stream video




Good for small offices that want lightning quick internet




Good for large offices with up to 20 employees that want fast internet




Good for large offices with more than 20 employees that want enough bandwidth to handle everything without any slowdowns.



Go Wireless

What is Fixed Wireless, and why should I use it?

Fixed Wireless provides the benefits of fiber (great speeds and low latency) without the inherent risk of fiber cuts. Our product is especially desirable in large offices that must have 100% uptime, or a backup service in case of an outage from their primary provider. Fiber cuts to office buildings are not uncommon, and unfortunately many times different providers will share conduit paths, so having redundant fiber providers doesn’t really provide you with redundancy. Our wireless solutions can send your signal over the air to a remote location that isn’t affected by a local fiber cut, thus ensuring continued uptime during a fiber cut scenario. All of our wireless paths are built for uptime and security, so rest assured that even in terrible weather conditions, the service will work flawlessly. We can offer speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second, so if our 1 Gigabit speed isn’t enough for your office needs, feel free to ask us about a customized solution. .

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